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Whether your business provides a service or a product, identifying, discovering and attracting the right B2B prospects is critical to building a client base that fuels business success. Research shows that a personalized, strategic, teamwork-style approach will help you find the potential companies who can fill your pipeline and are most likely to become loyal clients — made easier with the budget-friendly, “contact-based” fee structure from YourSource.

At YourSource, we take the time to personally learn about your brand, goals, process and impact. We accelerate your B2B business growth by partnering to deliver your ideal prospects — prequalified leads with engagement intent — we get to the “yes.” Through our proven research, discovery and outreach system, we focus on multi-touch efforts to keep your solution top-of-mind, building value and trust, and keeping your high-value, target leads fully engaged.

Then, we’ll connect you with targeted leads that fit your specifications. The results are a reliable stream of prequalified opportunities — ready for you to close the sale!

When it comes to the decision to outsource personalized lead development, having the right partner on your team is a must. Whatever your particular business development/Personalized Lead Generation needs, an experienced service like YourSource will provide the means to secure the opportunities that your business needs to excel in an ever more competitive marketplace.

Looking for high-quality leads?

Personalized Lead Development

Identify ProspectConduct thorough research to identify potential prospects within your target audience

Engage ContactEngage prospects using a variety of methods and tactics to build rapport

Nurture LeadDemonstrate value and build trust by showcasing your expertise and the benefits of your offering

Setup OpportunityGet to the “yes” that facilitates meeting opportunities between clients and prospects

We do the hard work, so you can focus on your best work.

Karen Romersa

At YourSource, we are on your team. We’re not a complex digital platform or hard-to-learn software tool. We’ve been personalizing connections for B2B companies with marketing-qualified leads for over 2 decades.

Karen Romersa has established her leadership in the B2B design-industry space by successfully building relationships and establishing trust to deliver high-quality meeting opportunities between clients and prospects.

Karen has developed the expertise to turbo-charge brand awareness, showcase your product or service and build credibility around the solutions you have to offer prospective client pain points with honesty and integrity.

Contact Karen at kromersa@yoursourceaz.com.

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Got questions? We have answers.

Personalized Lead Development takes the stress out of growing your customer base. Our proven process helps our customers acquire new clients and expand their bottom lines with a cost-effective, per-contact fee that results in a reliable stream of verified opportunities, ready for you and your team to close the sale.

How quickly do you want to grow? The more contacts we engage for your company, the faster you’ll be presented with ideal prospect meeting opportunities. With an annual contract, we’ll engage (a minimum of) 20 contacts for your company per month (based on our cost-effective, per-contact fee) — your choice on how quickly you’ll want to scale. Contact us to find out more.

Hiring employees is expensive and you still have to get them up-to-speed with extensive training. From a tax standpoint, YourSource is categorized as a 1099 vendor and covers general expenses including: mileage/gas, health benefits and auto and business insurance — alleviating the uncertainty that unpredictable expenses can bring. Your business saves time and money by not having to hire another employee and benefits from the results of outsourced, Personalized Lead Development.

It’s a competitive industry and the experts at YourSource know that integrity and character can make all the difference. By being honest, hardworking and passionate, YourSource sets themselves apart from the rest to achieve success.

At YourSource, we have the knowledge, experience and strategic know-how to set the stage for your success. Industry insight and personalized, face-to-face relationships are at the heart of YourSource’s stellar track record. We are known for our integrity, drive, and commitment to our clients. We’ve generated profitable opportunities during the past decades for the companies we’ve developed personalized leads for — and we want to do the same for yours.

We are strategically positioned to work primarily within the B2B design services and products industry. Showrooms, manufacturers, interior design, architectural, and design-build firms, construction businesses and related industry companies are our sweet spot. Our depth of knowledge and experience in this vertical enables relationship connections and business synergies that leverage an insider’s perspective to benefit you and your company.

YourSource provides hands-on expertise building relationships and conversing with decision-makers and moving them through the sales funnel until they’re ready to talk directly with you and your team. If the contact needs continued nurturing they will “roll over” into the next month(s). Our objective is getting to the prospect’s “yes,” then we’ll hand the lead over to you and your team to close the sale.

Does YourSource continue to develop ongoing, new prospects to fill this vacant spot? Yes, we continually research your target market to expand the list of companies that may be a good-fit as a potential client for your company’s products and services.

To ensure a sense of team integration, you can demonstrate affiliation with YourSource by requesting your IT department to establish an email address using your company’s domain, such as "Karen@yourcompany.com." Additionally, having a business card that incorporates your company’s brand would further enhance your professional image.

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